how do I book a tattoo appointment?

If you are interested in working together, please submit a request via the booking link on my website during my open booking periods! My books are currently open, and updates about bookings will be posted online on my Instagram.

do you do consultations?

Yes! Once your booking submission has been accepted, you will be able to book a consultation 1-5 weeks before your tattoo appointment. All consultations are via Zoom, and usually last around 20-45 minutes! Not all appointments require a consult, however please don’t hesitate to request one. They are not an additional cost to your tattoo, and are a great way for us to go over design ideas together as well as chat about my appt process and what you can expect.

how do deposits work?

A deposit of $150 is required in order to reserve your spot, and can be paid anytime between booking your appt time to one day following our consult appt. All deposits are non-refundable, as they are a commitment to getting your tattoo. Deposits are not an additional cost to the tattoo and go towards your final payment. Deposits will be forfeited by client for any no shows, cancellations without reschedule, or late reschedules within 5 days prior to your appointment, at the discernment of the studio. 


I charge by the piece, and final pricing is dependent on , placement, and project – please submit a booking inquiry to discuss your ideas and pricing! I am usually able to give an estimate following discussion/consultation, and always happy to discuss budget and options to split the tattoo up into chunks.

preferred payment methods?

I can take cash or card (all card payments will have a 3.5% service fee).

what should I wear to my tattoo appointment?

Whatever is going to make you most comfortable! Please keep in mind the area you will be getting tattooed, and dress accordingly so as to allow for that area of the body to be easily exposed. I always recommend bringing along an extra clothing item (sweater, small blanket, wrap) to keep warm and use to drape around yourself for optimal coziness 🙂 

what COVID precautions are in place?

As we will be tattooing inside Diving Swallow, which is a multi-artist shared space shop, we are following the mandatory shop regulations of masks in studio and ask that all clients and guests do so as well. All clients and guests must be vaccinated (with proof to be noted down in consent forms).

how can I prepare for my tattoo appt?

It is always recommended to eat a nourishing meal before getting tattooed, staying well hydrated leading up to and during your appt, and moisturizing your skin daily in the weeks prior to your appt. Generally speaking, I see tattoos as a beautiful way to connect to your body and bring awareness to it, treating this experience as an opportunity for intuitive self love and care towards your body!

what should I bring to my appt?

Feel free to pack any snacks you’d like for the session! If your tattoo session will be more than 3 hours, a little food break can be super helpful for sitting comfortably. If you are feeling nervous about sitting, or tend to experience any stomach upset or nausea from nervousness or stress, I also recommend bringing along a lightly sweet, carbonated drink!

what should I expect socially for the tattoo session?

Clients sometimes share that not knowing how we will be interacting during the appointment can bring about some nervousness, and that is very understandable! I am more than happy to do whatever feels most comfortable for you, and the space is absolutely here for you to voice your preferences before or during the appointment as we go. I usually play music, and am happy to chat or let you take the time to yourself more privately as I tattoo you! Feel free to bring headphones, a book, something to watch or a podcast to listen to, etc. No pressure from me to interact in any specific way, the goal is for you to be in a comfortable space while getting tattooed!

what should I expect through the healing process & how should I prepare to take care of my tattoo?

The healing process for most people is around 2 weeks, however this varies person to person. It is normal for a tattoo to be sore and swollen for especially the first week of healing. I use Recovery Derm Shield wrap (a medical grade adhesive waterproof bandage) to cover your tattoo, and that minimizes exposure to the tattoo for the first few days of initial healing. Regular cleaning and moisturizing will be required following the removal of your bandage. For the 2 weeks your tattoo is healing you will need to stay out of bodies of water, and away from direct sun exposure. At the end of your tattoo appt, we will go over aftercare more in depth together, and you will receive a handout detailing what is needed to take care of your tattoo!

do you take walk-ins?

I work by appointment only, and I am unfortunately not able to accommodate walk-ins.

where are you located?

Diving Swallow Tattoo in downtown Oakland!

264 14th. St

Oakland, CA

do you do color dot tests?

Yes! Color dot tests are done by tattooing small dots or tiny lines in some of the colors we expect to use for your tattoo. This will be done with enough time following for you to see how the colors heal with your skin tone and undertones, so as to make sure you like the final healed color palette on your body! Please let me know when booking if you would like a color dot test for your tattoo, and we will schedule it before your tattoo appointment.

Is it ok to get tattooed if I have eczema prone skin?

I recommend checking in with your doctor to be safe, and some medications can make getting tattooed more difficult, but for the most part yes! Please be sure to let me know if you are currently on treatment for any skin conditions, and I can help you determine the best approach to getting tattooed. I recommend choosing areas for your tattoos that are less prone to flare ups, and it will be important to make sure you are getting tattooed when your body is not experiencing any active or recent flare ups, or immune system elevation.

Can I get tattooed while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Doctors generally do not recommend pregnant or breastfeeding clients to get tattooed.

I’m super nervous about my tattoo!

Nerves are basically always a part of getting tattooed – and for good reason! Getting tattooed is a significant and beautiful thing, that means something different for everyone but is always permanent. Managing these tattoo nerves and walking with care for yourself through the entire tattoo process can be a really amazing experience and practice! I will of course also be doing what I can to support you through the tattoo process, and please do not hesitate to let me know if there are any specific concerns you may have! Consultations are usually great for helping to ease some nerves going into the appointment as well 🙂